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Thibby's Ice Cream


Frequently Asked Questions

IS A DEPOSIT REQUIRED? No, we do not require a deposit in order to book an appointment except for weddings.
IS THERE A MINIMUM?  Yes.  Minimum charges vary based on the size of your event with the lowest being $25 and the highest being $200. For example, if you are booking for your own small family, and worried you won't need $25 worth of ice cream, just spread the word in your neighborhood.  Tell them what time the truck is coming, and as long as $25 worth of ice cream is sold in total, you won't owe anything more.  For appointments an hour or longer there is a $100 per hour minimum.  This means you need to buy $100 worth of ice cream, for each hour we stay.  

Only if you live farther than 15 miles out of Green Bay.  Then there is a $0.60 per mile travel charge (there is no charge for the first 15 miles).  The travel charge will be calculated based on distance, so please contact us for an accurate quote.

DO YOU HAVE ANY DAIRY FREE ITEMS? YES!  We have a number of dairy-free products available as well as other products for customers with common food allergies.   Click HERE to view our Menu. For your convenience, here are the dairy free options we offer: Icee Cherry, Icee Blueberry, Cyclone Pop, Luigi's Lemon Ice, Minion, Sponge Bob, and Spider-Man. Items may vary based on availability from our vendor.

DO YOU OFFER NUT FREE ITEMS? Yes, all of the Rich's brand items we sell are made in a nut free facility and are kept in a separate freezer in our truck.

DO YOU OFFER GLUTEN-FREE ITEMSYES! Dove Bar - Vanilla/Milk Chocolate, Dove Vanilla-Almond-Milk Chocolate, Heath Bar, Icee Blue Raspberry, Icee Cherry, Icee Float Cherry & Vanilla, Magnum Double Caramel Bar, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Bar, Starburst Strawberry Sorbet, Vanilla Ice Cream Cup, Chocolate Swirl Sundae Cup, Frozen Fruit Coconut Bar, Rich's Ice Cream Bar, Rich's Orange Dream Bar, and Luigi's Italian Lemon Ice. Items may vary based on availability from our vendor.
HOW MUCH DOES THE ICE CREAM COST? You can view our prices by clicking HERE.  Ice cream prices range from $1.50 to $4.50. We try to update the menu weekly with items that are out of stock.  The menu on the truck is always up to date.  When we arrive, everything you see on the side of the truck is currently available.  
HOW LONG WILL YOU STAY? The time we spend at the location depends on the number of people we are serving.  This means that we arrive at your location, serve your guests and leave.  You will see the start and end times when you book an appointment.  

WHAT IF WE WANT YOU TO STAY LONGER? If you would like us to attend an event for a specific amount of time, there is a minimum charge of $100 per hour.  That means if you book us to stay at your location for 2 hours, and we sell $175 worth of ice cream, you would be responsible for the flat fee of $200.  If we sell $200 worth of ice cream, you've met the minimum requirement. 

DO YOU REQUIRE ANY SPECIAL EQUIPMENT? Yes, if an appointment is booked for more than one hour, we prefer having an available outlet so we can plug the ice cream truck in.  We have plenty of LONG cords. An outlet is preferred, but not required:-)

DO YOU DELIVER? Yes.  Simply book an appointment for a "Small Event".  Then look at the menu and send us your order via e-mail.  We will arrive at your location at the scheduled time and drop off your treats in bags.  There is a $25 minimum.
WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT? The best way to book an appointment is through our website.  Because we are so busy in the summer it is very difficult to answer the phone or read e-mails while we are out driving.  If you do call, please leave a voicemail so we can get back to you.  If you send an e-mail or Facebook message, please know that we will respond as soon as we can.  While you are waiting to hear back from us you can look at the online booking system, which is live, so you can get an idea of days and times that are available. 

DO YOU BOOK APPOINTMENTS AFTER 5:00 pm? Yes, depending on availability, you have to contact us direct via email, text, or call to coordinate an after-hours booking.

Corporate events booked after 8pm will incur an additional $50 service fee per event.


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