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About Thibby's

Here he is...the man, the myth, the legend, and original founder of Thibby's - John Thibodeau - a screenshot of him appearing in a WLUK News interview on July 8, 2012. 

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Our Story

After doing a little research on Thibby's we discovered that John and Lisa Thibodeau opened the first ice cream truck close to the July 4th weekend of 2003 as a means for a second income. Maybe they knew or maybe they didn't know that the ice cream truck in all of it's versions since the beginning would become a household name in Green Bay. John and Lisa have multiple articles written on their business and Manu accolades from the community, the biggest being the smiling faces they served every day. The article below was published July 6, 2004, approximately one year after Thibby's first opened.

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After about fourteen years of delivering smiles and making memories, John and Lisa decided to sell their beloved ice cream truck. The business was purchased in 2017 by by Bob Patterson and Terri Larson who carried on the great Thibby's tradition. Business was booming but according to Terri's Facebook post on July 26, 2021, "We want to thank you all for your support and loyalty that keeps the business running. Unfortunately, we are so busy that we are just not able to keep up. So, sadly, we have decided to sell the business to someone who can run it to it's fullest potential. We wanted to reach out to you, our friends, family and customers first, to see if there may be someone who already knows and loves Thibbys that would like to take over and keep the Thibbys name alive." That's where we, the Duncan family, come into the picture.

We are the Duncan family and you can learn more about us here. The bottom line is that our family has been enjoying Thibby's ice cream at our family gatherings since about 2012. The decision for us to purchase the Thibby's business and carry on the great tradition the original owners John and Lisa established was a perfect fit. We believe in the culture that John & Lisa created around the brand. We are really excited to continue on the Thibby's tradition. 

Our Mission: Delivering Smiles and Making Memories One Ice Cream at a Time.

Our Vision: Become the number one prepackaged ice cream treat provider in Wisconsin.

Our Values: Family, Honesty, Service, Integrity, Honor, Patriotism. 


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